Darklord (Malaysia) – “Diabolical Onslaught” 2019 Full Album

#BlackMetal #DeathMetal #DoomMetal
Black/Death/Doom Metal from Selangor, Malaysia

Contact : darklord.1992@yahoo.com

1. Intro – The Haunting Moon
2. Penumbra Ritual
3. Mystical Journey
4. The Soaring Wrath
5. The Black Gate
6. Fatal Illusion
7. Prisoners of Lust
8. Victoriam Autem de Vendicta

Line Up:
Lordshaman (Putrefied Remains) – Vocals (2017)
Nekrademus (Sicksociety, Bunuhdiri) – Guitars (2017)
Lord Inferno ‘Infernal Lord of Nocturnal Kingdom’ (Goresluts, ex-Dislocated Cerebrum) – Drums (1992 – 1994), Bass (2017)
Tarabath (Goresluts, Hereafter, Iron Moth, ex-Devastator) – Drums (2018)
Moondusk (Medieval, Conqueror, ex-Penakluk, ex-Silence Enshroud) – Keyboards (2018)

This album is uploaded to the channel with the consent of the band members.
“All rights reserved go to the band & label, I do not own any rights on the audio & images in this video.”

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